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School Performance Management is a secure, online system that helps NZ Principals and Teachers manage their Professional Growth Cycle reflections and collaboration.

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Trusted by Teachers and Principals Throughout NZ

"This is our first year using the School Performance Management System and we are wishing that we started using it earlier! It provides our teachers with an easy way to provide evidence that they are meeting the Teaching Council Standards. This is made simple and meaningful with the 'linking' option. Read More... Teachers are able to add links directly to documents such as planning, videos or other resources. It is cutting down the paperwork and helping our staff to track important documents such as their ongoing personal inquiries."

Tom Clarkson (Acting DP), Manurewa Intermediate

"We are in to our second year of using the appraisal portfolio and confidently recommend it. It is user-friendly and is an 'easy to follow' way to ensure all bases are covered in an appraisal programme. Extra responsibilities for unit holders and individual performance objectives are easily added with your own objectives and evidence. Read More... My staff enjoy the ease of attaching documents, linking to video and other resources which means they are not spending hours of time typing in evidence. They can quickly link directly to their planning and inquiry work which saves lots of time. The portfolio quickly builds to a robust document which not only evidences all necessary objectives to satisfy the requirement of teacher registration, but provides a wonderful overview of individual professional growth and development."

Roger Goulstone Principal, Valley School Pukekohe

"This is our second year of using the Performance Appraisal Portfolio. We have been learning how to best utilise the features of the portfolio and have found it a simple process to record reflections and show evidence of teacher performance in practising standards and in the more specific agreed areas of performance. Read More... As a tool to support records of progress, development and involvement it is a vast improvement on what we had previously established ourselves within the Google Doc’s framework. Due to the ease of use we will be using mentor and peer support teachers to assist each other in reflective practice, which has been easy to set up within the framework of the online template."

Andrew Morgan, Principal

Summary Reports, Feedback, Professional Reflections, and Collaborative Focuses; All in One Place

School Performance Management makes it easy to become reflective practitioners by:

  • Recording your whole school focuses each year,
  • Developing collaborative and individual reflections,
  • Sharing, exporting and printing your documents,
  • Providing the ability to carry your documents with you to other schools.

New Zealand School Appraisals System
Optimised for Desktop, Laptop and Tablet computer

Customisable to Your Role and Requirements

School Performance Management has been built with both Teachers and Principals in mind, and is designed to work on any computer, laptop or tablet.

Tailored to NZ Practices

Our Professional Growth Cycle template helps you structure your reflections, based on the Collective Agreement Professional Standards, Teaching Council Standards, and Tātaiako requirements. Focuses are set on a school-wide level each year. You can link your reflections to the Standards to quickly see gaps in your coverage.

New Zealand Teacher Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to maintain a record of my Professional Growth Cycle when I know I have all my files for teaching?

By keeping a Professional Growth Cycle document you are providing proof of your professional reflection in relation to the Standards and a record that you are thinking about your professional learning and accountability.

How can I use my Professional Growth Cycle documents?

Your documents can be used for a range of purposes;

  • A reflection record for your appraisal and shared discussion feedback meetings,
  • Evidence to support renewal of your Practising Certificate,
  • To support application for new appointments,
  • To record your reflections on teaching and learning,
  • An archive of resources for future reference.
Does the Teaching Council ask for these documents?

No. The Teaching Council has indicated that it is up to schools to develop a process that best suits their needs. The Professional Growth Cycle document provides you with an easy way to reflect on school focuses and share this with your appraiser in a reflective manner.

What do I need to show in my Professional Growth Cycle document?

The information you include should be sufficient enough to meet your requirements for Appraisal and Practicing Certificate renewal. This can reflect:

  • Whole of school agreed focuses,
  • Your professional reflections and collaborative discussions,
  • Whole of school collaborative feedback,
  • Professional Learning and Development needs,
  • Inquiry Learning focuses (if included in your school’s process)
  • Teaching as Inquiry reflections,
  • Self Reflection material,
  • Meeting notes,
  • Summary reports,
  • Reference documents.
Do you support the Catholic Elaborations of the Teaching Council Standards?

Yes, there is an option to enable the Catholic Elaborations when creating your Professional Growth Cycle document. Catholic Elaborations can be referenced just like regular Standards.

Who is responsible for deciding what I should focus on?

This should be done in conjunction with your Principal and teaching colleagues when setting up focuses for the year. These should reflect the school process and focuses reflecting charter goals.

What should I do with my reflections?

You should keep notes/records of your reflections and links to the Teaching Council Standards that provide enough information for your appraiser to be able to endorse your professional practice and for attestation for your Practising Certificate renewal.

Does the reflection I am doing as part of my Teaching as Inquiry help?

Yes, the components of your Teaching as Inquiry reflection make a good link for your Appraisal and Practising Certificate needs. Many schools have focused their professional learning on the Teaching as Inquiry process.

Who can view my Professional Growth Cycle documents?

Only users in the system who are listed as administrators for your school. Who these are will be decided by your particular school. Your documents may also be seen by administrators of any Groups you belong to in the system. Groups are an optional part of School Performance Management and are also managed by your school.

What happens if I leave my current school?

If your new school also uses School Performance Management, your account can be moved to them. If not, your account can be placed in a special entity so that you can still access it and work on it. You will be responsible for your yearly subscription fee that your old school was paying on your behalf. We encourage you to introduce your new school to School Performance Management. We're happy to answer any questions they might have about the service.

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Tania McNamaraThis is our second year using this system and teachers are enjoying using it, finding it very intuitive and easy...
Tania McNamara, Milton School